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    Photography, Motorcycle riding, tech, coding and other stuff


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  1. Didn't look at it like that but it makes senses thank you for your input
  2. Yes true but when i just have a few chrome tabs open my temps just shoot up ik that temps could be a lot better tho
  3. I didn't try to undervolt maybe that could help. I never undervolt a CPU before anything i should keep in mind
  4. Hey all, So I have a Lenovo Z570 with an i7 2670QM and a GT 540M. I repasted the CPU and GPU a few times now but at idle, my CPU sits at around 55 - 60 C and my GPU is like 45-50 C. The GPU temps seem fine but my CPU is a little concerning to me now I know that 55 - 60 C won't kill my system but it is a little hot for my liking. But the part that really worries me is when I have 6 - 10 tabs open in chrome my temps go up to 65 - 70 C ish which is really hot for just having some tabs open. I am a CS student so my normal workload is like having the following application open VS code, CMD runnin