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  1. Hey, Siewcu! Thank you very much for your reply and all the information you provided, it's very helpful! I didn't understand much at first but I've read about it online a tiny bit and I understand your reply more Thanks for discouraging me from using PTZ, they really aren't cheap enough for a simple at-home camera system. You reccomended Dahua TiOC which I think are great from what I just looked at them! They match the price I asked for just right too! So, what your suggestion is for me is to to get an external PoE switch to which I should connect my cameras and then connect said swit
  2. Hello, everyone! First of all, I apologize if I explained anything badly as English isn't my native language! I apologize if this is posted in the wrong thread too! Well, I decided to grow more as a person and thought to myself what better way than tinkering more with technology? That's why I came to this forum as I have some questions about making an at-home CCTV system since I've never done it before so I please ask for your patience! First of all, I'd like to hear your advices for the system and cameras itself! I'm looking for a system (whether that's a small PC or a dedicate