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  1. IMG_3016.MOV It’s just been working pc shut it down then won’t display again? added a video the dram ram lights up orange and cpu lights up red
  2. Hi just built my first pc up and installed windows on it all running fine. I decided to move it to to the end of the desk after shutting it down and removing power cord now it’s lighting up all rgb working just got displaying to my monitor?
  3. Building my first pc I have just installed the H100i elite cooler with the commander core. I want to have 2 LL fans one at the back and one on the top of the case how do I go about connecting these LL fans up, can I just connect them to the commander core? I have read that you can’t have 2 different types of fans on the same hub. Do I need a commander pro? Any help would be great thanks so much starting to regret trying to build a pc lol
  4. I have a h510 elite case and I am installing a Corsair H100i for my cpu cooler which has its own fan controller hub. The back fan and top fan are from Nzxt which also has a hub I just wondered is it okay to use the Nzxt and Corsair hubs together with the motherboard connecting them both separately to USB 2.0. Sorry this is my first time building a pc probably a stupid question. Any help would be great to understand better.
  5. Wow that was a fast reply thanks so much.
  6. I’m building my first pc and not quite sure which one of these ports do I connect the 4x4 CPU and the PCI E cable into? Am I able to use any one of these? Any help would be great. Thanks.