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  1. I think your phone might be throttling, try using a cooler I guess ?
  2. I really want to upgrade to 16gb, but my processor isn't support it when above 8gb.
  3. Really loves the design, especially with Area 51 color.
  4. Crying in Intel Xeon L5420, can't even get a stable frame time even at low setting, stuttering everywhere.
  5. Genshin impact, it's when Xiao lantern event to be exact.
  6. Mine has been shared 5,5Gb and it only gives me 720 credit, I think I'll stop using this tomorrow .
  7. My face was like when this scene comes in.
  8. My whole keys will be "wangy" using this keychain.
  9. Yeah I think so, maybe my lil brother punched it when he was losing in CSGO lol
  10. geforce 210, 12 years old and still counting.
  11. As an Indonesian, I can eat using only sambal + rice, sambal is essentially a traditional sauce from Indonesia, it's a lot spicier than a normal sauce. My fav is sambal daun jeruk(lime leaf) and sambal matah(onion).
  12. My monitor showed me this, it started a week ago, I don't know why maybe caused by my computer exhaust?