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  1. Budget (including currency): Doesn't matter the price difference between them. It can be 100-150 dollars Country: Romania Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: World of warcraft, rpcs3 (ps3 emulator, very CPU intensive). Other modern triple AAA games. Coding. Messing around in Unity. Motherboards: Intel: MSI MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK ATX Gaming Motherboard (10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket, DDR4, CF, Dual M.2 Slots, USB 3.2 Gen 2, Type-C, 2.5G LAN, DP/HDMI, Mystic Light RGB) 輸入訊息 or the AMD MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI | RETURN TO HONOR (msi.com) RAM for both: G.Skil
  2. I'm running the dev channel build with 7700k, I don't see any performance issues...
  3. I got the dev insider build installed on my pc (with intel i7 7700k), even though the PC Health Check said my CPU isn't compatible. I assume they want to avoid what happened with VISTA, when ppl with 1ghz single core and 1gb ram installed and had a crap experience.
  4. I've just installed it. If anyone wants a specific screenshot, let me know!
  5. A windows fresh install could help. A reset to bios settings also (if you tweaked some stuff in there)
  6. I'm trying to find someone with a very niche build, that has the configuration in the title. I know its dumb, but has anyone played World of Warcraft on it ?
  7. Considering that the NVME where the windows was installed, was in a relative bad shape. I've reinstalled windows on the samsung NVME, so far no random crashes. Spare Capacity Available: 100% Device Health: 82% Power Cycles: 2042 Power On Hours: 3346 hours Unsafe Shutdowns: 87 Media Errors: 0 Total Host R
  8. Windows is up to date, Guilty! its chrome. No weird stuff in Task scheduler.
  9. I've attached the Hwinfo output, just now.
  10. Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 OSBuild 19042.928, installed on 3/‎5/‎2021, RAM: 16GB of ram DDR4 2400 No antivirus, just windows defender. I dont have any pirated software, but who knows.
  11. None, I updated the bios, using the default settings.
  12. Hello all, I'm having an issue that i cannot figure it out. The pc randomly shuts down while I'm opening youtube videos, browsing webpages, I know how stupid this may sound. It just doesnt make any sense, there is no overheating, I've replugged the ram, gpu, psu cables, they all seem fine. I've ran Windows Memory diagnostic => all pass OCCT stress for CPU, Power, GPU, memory => nothing no shutdown. I've changed the PSU with a new corsair 650w 80+ . It should be enough for my old intel 7700k / geforce 1080/ MSI Mobo Z270 GAMING M5