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  1. @kitnoman thank you i have a slightly better overview now. actually i build "gaming" pc is not just for gaming as i really really hardly game. it will be more like usage for virtualisation. Thus, i think gaming pc might be good for it. i surely will game if my pc is providing good performance... end of the day, i think i will be having 2 monitors to run 1 virtual machine as im learning pen-testing and another for netflix/youtube/full screen video games like battlefield etc. im just curious which component should i get so i don't get them limiting each other and no need to say i do not have bud
  2. @Moonzy @bellabichon Thank you both for the input. i will work out my budget and ask in the correct section.
  3. Hello, a newbie here. currently having a old pc that is running for game that feel that medium setting on the game isn't gonna make me happy. thus, i would like to seek advice here to understand how do i build a pc that to play some intensive games like battlefield with high settings. also not to mentioned that not possible for me to get latest product as my budget won't allow me to do that. objectively to understand how not to bottle neck my system too! LTT have video clips on pc build but he did not teach us how not to (1)Bottleneck the system (2)Overkill the system[Example RAM Super high en
  4. @HelpfulTechWizard, Okay thank you so much for your advice and time. Much appreciated and do stay safe!
  5. @HelpfulTechWizard, Noted on the bandwidth. The thing is they advertised it's freesync and gsync on lazada but for their own site. only listed as freesync. i bought it as i thought i could use my gsync with the monitor but im just getting a message on my nvidia panel. Saying that this monitor is not compatible and i think the vsync could not be enabled as well. Sorry i think i deviated from my original question. to understand better, im using windows not other operation system.
  6. @HelpfulTechWizard, thank u for the super fast respond to my question. Okay understanding that i could set my monitor to refresh at 144hz means it's legit and no scam involved. Mind sharing about the hardware that you mentioned about for the Response time please. Currently im using PRISM+ X270 PRO (https://prismplus.sg/collections/gaming-monitors/products/prism-x270-pro) but some how there are tearing during games i think as i can't really tell but my peers are using the same monitor as me and told me that they experiences tearing. Thus, just a little project to learn how do i know if my scree
  7. Hi, i've explored the world of google but there isn't a software that enable to check on my behalf. I am old and my eyes are not exactly working as it should be. Thus, just wondering if there is any available open source software that does the checking for me? As i feel some of the monitor companies are kinda cheating their way into the market by selling two times cheaper than those trusted brands.