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  1. İm planing to use the aio included fans as intake than , how about the 3 fans in the front should i put them all in top ? Thats gonna be total of 4 exhaust fans
  2. Hello , im installing 240ml aio , its not sitting at the top , so i have to install it on the front , on the front i have 3 fans intake should i remove them and install them on the top as an exhaust fans with the back i have also exhaust, and put the aio on the front as intake ??? i need help
  3. Its super confusing as i see so im just going to stuck with CM and keep that extra money for an individual spend
  4. Good enough information , as the zoomflow 240x runs upto 1500rpm and cool master up to 1800 so i would expect louder to do better performance .
  5. Alright happy to hear that i just wanted to make sure as everyone says that ml240 l v2 is bad and you should go with the id-cooling i just think again did i make wrong choice .
  6. As i already order the cooler master so no need to cancel it and order the zoomflow so both have the same loudeness ? ? I mean its a one time buy im using 5600x r5 .
  7. Hello guya now i have to make decision between these two aio the id-cooling zoomflow 240X quit expensive would that be a huge difference in performance ? how about loudness? is id-cooling a good brand to guarantee it ? if there is not a huge difference i wont spend more on id cooling but if yes there is i would love to take something that worth it please help .
  8. i have this one here where i live more expensive the the mentioned liquid cooler
  9. Cougar AQUA 240 Id-cooling zoomflow 240x how about these 2 also , thes are alittle bit more expensive than the cooler master < is worth it ?
  10. Hello , im planing to take COOLER MASTER MasterLiquid ML240L V2 RGB 240mm for my ryzen 5600x it getting to hot with stock fun . is it good ?
  11. i just checked the used switch on philips is ( K R O ) blue switch
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Philips-SPK8614-Mechanical-Keyboard-Computers/dp/B07TTTDH75 i couldnt figure out what switch they use i only can see blue switch i need a full keyboard sound cool a switch tester i hear it for the first time