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  1. Yea I'll leave it, I'm already tired of fixing it. 2 hours in CMD just to get it install windows. Thanks.
  2. I've had loads of issues with my PC and I've only just managed to get it working reliably, my only issue is I apparently partitioned the drives in the wrong table, idk much about partitioning and barely even understood the commands I was typing but it worked, and the awful resolution didn't help. Anyway PC actually works now but doesn't support newer UEFI but is that even an issue. I know somehow its in the wrong table but I dont know how to change it of is I should. All I know is changing this table needs a clean install and I honestly only just about got windows installed this
  3. Yea, I think it was either my bios or prehaps a driver error of some kind, the forum was wrong, it did however require a clean install of windows to fix, but its fixed and I'm on 20H2, hopefully it never happens again.
  4. Shortly after my last post my PC stopped working completely, I could only access the shell interface, couldnt use windows at all. I managed to update my bios by using my phone to download it onto a memory stick and using the memory stick I was able to update the bios. Still didnt work however I was then able to do a clean install of windows, I lost 3tb of files and feel naked but now everything is working much better, I've sorted my drivers out again and am now just reinstalling programs and games for some reasions windows boot manager thinks I have 2 versions of windows installed but I'v
  5. Page Fault in non paged area, I'm aware its a memory fault but I've tested my ram and all sticks work fine, I've also uninstalled and updated my GPU drivers And I've tried a clean install of windows. I heard on another site one user fixed it with a bios update to his motherboard but I've never updated a bios before so mine has the bios it shipped with in 2015, but im unsure if even thats the issue.
  6. Any idea why a windows update would cause a crash? I've reinstalled all drivers and tested ram, I cant find any faults with my systems and in previous versions of windows 10 it works great. I've spent the whole day trying to get the update to work and checking forums with no luck, even made an account here to find a solution but nobody responded to my post
  7. No matter how I've tried to install this update I've had constant blue screens, after ages of going though forums one user mentioned the 20H2 update only supports newer CPU's and Ram, I have a i7 4790k and find it hard to believe Microsoft would drop support however after hours of trouble shooting and trying every method of updating windows I cannot find any hardware fault and I've updated and reinstalled drivers so I know the software is fine, and in older versions of windows 10 my PC works fine, so does anyone know for sure if the 20H2 update is dropping support for older CPU's? I guess
  8. HI guys I'm new here and have come because my PC will not run any newer version of windows 10, I'm currently stuck in an older version, I'll appreciate any help Currently running 10.0.19041 Build 19041 (20H1) Newest version is 20H2. System Specs: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.00Ghz Z97 GAMING 3 32gb Ram GTX2070 Super 1tb SSD space 3 TB HDD space 750W power supply Nova Tech power supply BSOD Error states page fault in nonpaged area I've tried many things to fix the fault, I've tested each ram stick and confirmed they all work I've u