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  1. A couple of months ago I have upgraded from WIFI to Ethernet. Max speed beforehand was around 35-40mbps. Now with the lan cable, it is between 300 and 900. For some reason, my whole pc starts lagging and freezing when I download many things simultaniously, any Game Launcher is updating or when my Windows does an update. Also this happens when I'm playing Microsoft FlightSimulator because it is loading all the world data from the Internet. I also have bad performance in games when my AV is doing a scan. May anybody have a solution for that problem? I have malwarebytes premium and I have do
  2. Ouch, that must have been painful. Maybe your HDMI slot is somehow broken or your gpu is broken.
  3. Maybe perform a clean install of your graphics driver. It almost always helps.
  4. Thanks for the answer, but I have already deleted all the tasks in the Task Scheduler. Have just done the steps to disable it via regedit, Let's see if that works.
  5. Had the same problem. Found myself just aborting the restart. I no longer have the problem though, it randomly dissapeared.
  6. Im not into AMD, but I would suggest you try to perform a clean install of your driver.
  7. When I look into the Administrative Events tab in my Event Viewer, It's completely filled with 0x80070002 Errors saying "Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start at 2021-06-01T19:27:19Z. Error Code: 0x80070002." Does anyone know how to fix?
  8. No Blue Screens with Default Speed but even in less demanding Simulators like Prepar3D it's almost unusable with that speed. Didn't yet, but found out that my CPU should only support 2933mhz, which is a suprise to me cuz on the Box of the RAM there's some ryzen logo and I was using the top level ryzen, from that time.
  9. Not really. Games are ok, but I also play FlightSimulators quite a lot, which run very bad. I'm getting outperformed by Laptops with a 2060, not even a super. I have a really expensive Ram and I want to use it's full potential.
  10. Hi, Since a month or so I keep getting blue screens with random error codes at random times. Sometimes it's while playing a game, other times while just having the PC on, not even logged in. It occurs since I bought a new PSU, the Cooler master Masterwatt Lite 700w. Probably because I've activated XMP. Before buying this PSU I had some underpowering 500w PSU which didn't allow me to use xmp. I've driven the RAM on non XMP for 2.5 years. If I try to run my ram on XMP profile 2 (3466mhz), for which my ram is specified, It BSoD's right away, that's why I am running it on 3200. Can anyone