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  1. No. Bios is unchanged. I never mess with that. I'm still on the hunt for an FM2/FM2+ socket APU
  2. Seems like there was damage, not booting after reassembly.
  3. Well, unfortunately it doesn't seem so. Just put the pc back together with the heatshield and fan. But it isn't booting I checked everything but cant find any other problem. Looks like I'll have to buy a new amd FM2 socket cpu
  4. Hi everyone. So basically what happened is; a friend of mine had trouble with his pc. I then offered to take a look at it, as I know my what around a pc. I came to the conclusion it's the HDD. But in the troubleshooting process I removed the cpu to check if it was the cpu. (I took the fan and heatsinc off in that process) I the put the whole pc back together (except the cpu cooler) then started it up. It booted into windows and shut off again. I know that is because of over heating. Did i do any terminal damage to the CPU. Ps. Cpu is a AMD A8 7600