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  1. 1. It is a tragedy for Windows-users that Nokia and Microsoft fucked up and gave up Windows Phone. Despite Nokia Lumia being my first smartphone might make me biased, no other smartphones have offered the same integration with the Microsoft-ecosystem. The performance was great, the interface made sense, and the tile-based menu was brilliant. My current Android phone is just terrible in comparison. 2. Windows Vista was a great operative system to use and look at. All graphics and buttons and desktop featured were so cool(, although the latter indeed got removed for security reasons)
  2. I consider low-end potato hardware without backward combability with older system builds to be worthless.
  3. I am at the moment tinkering with an old Compaq Presario SR2009SC in which the PSU most likely needs to be replaced, and I am going to do so with a new PSU. Now, this gave me the following topic idea: How compatible is old and new hardware? Can old hardware be replaced with modern equivalent as long as the specs are compatible? Is there any usual issues caused by combining new and old hardware, and is there any easy fixes? What is your experiences? Let's have this conversation.
  4. "Gamer-"/"Gaming-". I hate every internet store that have one category for as example keyboards, and another for gaming keyboards. I mean really? All I want is a half decent cherry brown keyboard with customisable keys to press keys on, regardless of whether I am writing a document or playing a game. And this is even worse in Norwegian, where the Norwegian stores have adopted this very English term without even bothering to figure a Norwegian equivalent term to use instead.
  6. This build haven't been stress tested in any significant extent. I have played World of Warcraft: Shadowlands on ultra graphic settings, and it runs the game just fine - until it decides to die. After it started crashing I installed Cinebench to check if running benchmark would provoke a crash, but it ran fine during the tests I performed. I have checked all cables and connectors that goes out from the PSU, and I couldn't find a single point of visible damage. Also made sure that the used cables actually supports the PSU in case the manufacturer were to send wrong cables without m
  7. My old but stable and functional rig with FX 8350, 16 GB Memory and Zotac Geforce 970 have become dated and underperforming, so I started buying parts for a new rig a couple years ago which I build last month. Surely the core components have become somewhat dated, but are still an upgrade compared to my old rig. The rig had no issues to begin with, but have always booted up in a way that I found strange. Luckily the MB have a small LCD screen with text telling what it does. When clicking the start button the fans ramps up, and the system spends seconds checking memory without posting. T
  8. Windows Defender is a safe option unless the users of the device actively are clicking on every clickbait popup they see.
  9. Hey, what exactly qualify as a BSOD? Does it in this context also includes sudden shutdown without any actual blue/black screen thing appearing?