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  1. Maybe there are some problems with the Video Output of the console. Maybe your problem is fixable like in this one: I have one Wii after a repair because Video Output refused to show anything while i was turning it on and screen was completly dark like in your situation.
  2. Have you tried CMOS reset? If you had and nothing happened search up for a CPU Compatibility for MOBO. If it requires updated BIOS mount I5, download BIOS and get it on the board and get i7 and look will it gonna work.
  3. CSGO have often stupid actualisations that are breaking performance. I don't reccomend you staying on 1920X1080, High Details if you are really playing competetive. Trust me, it's not that important, like I have Supreme / Global and i'm playing on streched 4:3 for better fov and massivly better FPS Count.
  4. Yeah but still, photo is mine and maybe we've got same amount of luck
  5. Can you give me a download link below? I'm gonna use it in my second rig, because my actual motherboard don't have PCI slot.
  6. I think it's one of my most lucky pick-ups. SoundBlaster Live CT4830 that I have picked up locally. I think it gonna go well in my PC but here is the question, is there any drivers / fan or modded drivers for it? [WINDOWS 10]
  7. Hello there, my dad had to take my cooler [ASUS Triton 78] for his P4 3GHz build to cool this beast up. I'm working on my second rig with X2 555, 8GB DDR3 and R7 260X 1GB and i need a cooler for it. I looked up for this cooler, cuz in my opinion it's look nice and clean. Can anyone give me pros and cons of it? I want to use it to cool down my X2 555 modded to X4 B55.
  8. My first time when I am a part of a YouTube Video on bigger channel.

    Here is my offer for my old HP PC with added HD4850.



  9. I think I have ended my shopping list. Thanks all for help, I'm gonna order other parts soon. I t
  10. My one of the limitations here is a VX450 Here i have a R7 260X 1GB - 115W TDP. It worked fine with Q6600 3.2GHz and HD7870 but i don't want to risk that much.
  11. @Beerzerker so I've found X2 555 BE in my auction store. 39.99PLN = 10.55 USD How does it perform when it's unlocked?
  12. I was looking up for any parts in my local web shops and best deals was in CeX. I've got there: X4 955, X4 965 and X4 960T for same price. I want to get it to 6 core or get even one CPU that will work fine with my R7 260X.
  13. There are many tutorial step by step how to do it. If you will follow them you'll have no problem to mount it correctly.