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  1. Asus prime z490-a Intel core i5 10600k Kingston HyperX 16GB
  2. Hi! Yesterday I put in a new hard drive to my freshly built pc (built 2 weeks ago). Everything worked fine. After I put in the new HDD, my PC didn't boot. The fans are spinning, the cpu is working but the ram error status indicator is constantly on. I tried both ram sticks with and without the HDD. I remembered I had XMP enabled so I cleared the cmos. Nothing. The led is on and there's no display. My rgb keyboard and mouse don't emit light. What is the problem? Please help me! Asus Prime z490-a Intel core i5 10600k Kingston HyperX 2x8Gb
  3. I was spending my whole afternoon building my first rig. I got to the point where I mounted the Mobo into the case and connected the psu. I found the 24 pin and the cpu cables, too. I have an Asus prime z490A motherboard and a gigabyte modular psu. I can't seem to find a 4 pin cpu power connector, only 8 pin ones, but the manual says the 8 pin only is enough. Is it right?? So the problem is: the motherboard produces every color possible: it emits rgb. But the cpu fans, nor the case fans start running. My power switch on the case doesn't do anything and even the power leds don't turn on. Th