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  1. Okay, after further investigation it seems that the fan that's going out of control is definitely the GPU fan.
  2. Installed a 6TB drive today, after that the PC started acting weird. To install the drive I had to remove GPU and PSU completely seeing I'm using CoolerMaster NR200 case. After putting everything back together I also used a can of compressed air to get all the dust out. I turn the PC on and I heard loud buzzing, as if there's something grinding in one of the fans (my fan setup is obv CPU cooler fan, 2x bottom for intake, 2x top for outtake, 1x side for outtake, 1x back for intake), and the PC was stuck on BIOS load screen for a while (1-2 min). I shut it off and turned it on a coup
  3. Yeah, referring to that one. Actually I measured the heatsink and it's about 84cm in width compared to 92 on the fans I've ordered, that should still be a substantial improvement, shouldn't it? Regardless, even if I had the same thermal profile as the stock cooler, at least it wouldn't be as loud as won't make a super annoying buzzing sound..
  4. Cheers, got the first one as they actually have perfect dimensions Don't really care about PWM Y splitter because I bought this: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07T95C68T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As for anti vibration mounts and low noise adapter.. are those purchasable separately in case I fucked up by not ordering the fans with those accessories? Now to learn 3D modelling to 3D print a bracket for mounting those fans on the existing heatsink as I believe I'll drive myself crazy knowing that those fans are only secured by zip
  5. It's not 80mm though, it's 120mm Love the small text, made me laugh rofl
  6. Hi. I already deshrouded part of my GPU due to a rattling issue under full load and it's been miles better, but the fans are still not as silent as I want it to be. So I've decided to get rid of the shroud+stack fans completely and do a fan hack, currently waiting on mini 4 pin to 2x PWM adapter so I can place fans under GPU control. That leads me to the main question - which fans? I've originally planned on getting 120MM Arctic Silent PWM Slim ones (15mm in height, can't be taller than that due to case size constraints) but I've read that fans produce most of their blo
  7. Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I fixed my issue! At first I tried electrical tape and tried keeping the top and bottom shrouds as tight as possible. That worked at first but then it just started rattling again as adhesive caved under the temperature, which meant I had to find a more permanent solution. I deshrouded the GPU (this video helped, shroud is mostly the same compared to mine and it seems yours is quite similar as well ) Once deshrouded I changed thermal pads and repasted and attached heatsink+top and screwed from behind WITHOUT t
  8. Ain't nobody got time for RMA'ing in a situation where GPU's are scarce I fixed it apparently. Deshrouded it. Or well, kept the front shroud with fans but removed the backplate which did most of the rattling, now it only does a very loud buzz when fans go from 0-500 to 2100 RPM but is otherwise not rattling.
  9. Hey, I've been having a very nasty buzzing issue that's the result of a GPU shroud rattling around under high fan RPM, tried screwing the screws in better, tried duct taping it with electrical tape (the problem went away when I pinched the top and bottom shroud with my fingers so figured why not emulate that all the time with electrical tape) and it always works for a day and then starts rattling again, TL;DR I'm heavily leaning into deshrouding the thing. My question is, has anyone ever deshrouded a Gigabyte RTX 2070, and does anyone have any experience with deshroudin
  10. Hi. A year ago I decided to build a office PC for my folks. Got: - MOBO : ASROCK A320M-HDV R4.0 - CPU : Athlon 3000G - RAM: PC-21300, 4 GB, KINGSTON Value Ram, KVR26N19S6/4, DDR4 2666 MHz x2 Built the darn thing and it wasn't showing signs of life. Fair enough, I got to googling and found out that perhaps the MOBO wasn't BIOS updated to a BIOS that does support series 3000 AMD chips. Seeing I had no repair shop around that could service the thing and update it, I scrapped the project for a bit. Now my folks have asked me for help again
  11. RMAing in this day and age when the GPUs are out of stock everywhere is just.. yeah, especially when I need the GPU for work (Unity developer). I'd gladly lose my warranty if I just had a DIY fix for it.
  12. This buzzing is driving me crazy, when under very high RPM in horizontal position (case upwards, GPU fans face to the bottom of the case) it feels like the entire case is vibrating/resonating and it honestly sounds like a very old HDD's head repeatedly scratching the plate, just magnified by 10x. When the GPU is in vertical position (case is on its side, GPU fans face my wall) it never happens whatsoever. I kept using the card in a Razer Chroma X eGPU enclosure for almost a year and I've never had this problem, only when I put it in the real case and made the fans face downward did I notice th