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    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.8ghz
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    16gb ddr4 OC @ 2933
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    NVIDIA Gtx 1060

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  1. My gtx 660 artifacts at 79°C. It's usually just green or pink ''smoke effects'' which just appear in the games environment even tho there shouldn't be any smoke. It's a blower style card which means it reaches those temps easily. I can dial the Power limit and Core Voltage down in MSI Afterburner which works wonders in temps and articating. I can't imagine this is normal. Is my card faulty? I also changed the thermal paste 2 times, no difference
  2. I've had issues with Speedfan in the past and it also doesn't work on my main box. It's pretty much abandoned software by now.
  3. Hello peoples, one of my gpu fan is getting loud so I wanted to know if the zero rpm mode is still gonna work if I solder 2 case fans (pwm) to the gpu fan connector. I am not concerned about the looks, I'm all about quietness
  4. Those 1156 Xeons are great overclockers, I can even get it to 4ghz stable
  5. Just overall performance, raw power. I get to choose between those two and I don't really know which one to use.
  6. Which one is better? I got the X3440 OC'd to 3.8ghz, the i7 runs at stock
  7. Hi, so I'm about to start a job and then have the opportunity to upgrade my current Ryzen 5 first gen system. I thought about upgrading to the Ryzen 5 5600x and a b550 Motherboard. I've somewhere read that AMD's 5000 gen cpus aren't as stable as the older chips (idk if that's true). What are your experiences with amd's newest chips? Anything would be much appreciated PS: I really like amd and there's no way going blue here so there's no point in recommending me anything from Intel
  8. I don't know if this ''white" should look blue-ish but I'm fine with that aswell. Thanks for the reply
  9. Does anyone know if the CM Hyper 212 RGB can light up in white with the rgb controller it comes with?
  10. Hi, I recently got an old Xeon X3440 which runs @3.8ghz with temps of about 84°C while doing one cb15 run. I know for sure that it can hit 4ghz easily. For them extra fps I'd like to delid and repaste the die with normal thermal paste and not liquid metal since I'm afraid it's gonna damage anything in the long run So I'd like to know if anyone has experience with thermal paste between the die and IHS and by how much It's gonna drop the temps. btw my cooler is nothing special, I'm about to get a Freezer 34 to replace the old one.
  11. My processor is fine, the northbridge is the problem. I didn't find anything that shows my northbridge temps in HWMonitor
  12. Hi peoples of the internet, I recently got an AM3+ system with an FX-6300 as my secondary pc for playing Forza and other racing games on the TV. But that doesn't really matter, my northbridge gets really hot like really hot. I can't touch it for longer than 3 seconds without burning my fingers. I got the chip OC'd to 4.2/4.4ghz without any problems, VRM heatsink is just warm to the touch, nothing big. I even turned my oc & boost off and replaced the thermal paste but the Northbridge is still going crazy Any advice would be appreciated since I just don't know what to do anymore