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  1. Actually i want to upgrade processor, ram, storage and i can use a eGPU with that.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but i want to game a little bit.
  3. Exactly for study and little bit of gaming.
  4. Actually i got it from a friend. It's hp dv200(special edition) It has a wide range of upgrade but a limited in ram and storage. I can manage a storage by a disk caddy and also their is lot of work in that laptop but is that will be worth upgrading that.
  5. Hii guys, Can any one suggest me a great or the best AIO desktop.
  6. Is it worth upgrading a 10 year old laptop if it can run AAA title games after upgrading.
  7. 3200g is also a quad core cup. And that's the point bro.
  8. Can you tell same thing about Ryzen 3200g.
  9. Bro i am building a super budget pc and i think it was worth is. I am just asking is anybody still using it and the reviews.
  10. Ya but it has a base frequency of 3.40GHZ and max frequency of 3.80Ghz which is enough to run many games including CyperPunk2077.
  11. Hii guys, I am going to build a ultra pro max budget pc in which i am thinking to use i7 2600. Is it good or not and i also can't get a trusted link for buying that. PLEASE HELP.