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  1. Can you overclock a phone display? I've got an s20 FE, and since I have a Top tier Snapdragon I was wondering if I could upscale the display to 4k while having 120Hz, I know is not going to impact image quality that much, but either way because is a small display, but hey, I want to try out of curiosity.
  2. Don't worry about it, even if you have different brands, the chipsets are still made by the same manufacturers (most of the cases) and or, you should look for the specs of the RAM sticks you want to match, and even so, if they have different clock speeds, the ones with a higher clock will have no problems adjusting to the lower frequency ones and in most cases you will be benefited by having more ram in your system, and performance will increase, maybe not speedwise if you have lower clock RAM working with your higher clock ones, but at least you'd have more space where the games/software will
  3. Update: I've been considering on buying a 4gb GPU, as many games that I play (run well on my 660 ti) could play better on 4gb (duh), but I don't know when my cpu is going to start bottlenecking my gpu, I've been thinking on something like a 970, 1050 ti(cheaper) or a rx 580, as I know that buying something high end has no point if I keep this cpu, and I just look for an xbox one/ps4 performance but with the facilities of having a computer. Thanks for the answer, beforehand!
  4. So i got me a great deal of 20 canadian rubles for an asus 660 ti, and $80 canadian maple coins for my i7 870, 8gb ram, that I bought this cheap bc the owner couldn't start it, and after trying for a few hours i was able to make it display at least the bios! Either way, now i have an: i7 870 8GB RAM 256 SSD system (1500 HDD) Nvidia asus gtx 660 ti And my question is: Is the CPU a bottleneck for my gpu? Also, I got a gtx 745, is it going to work better?
  5. Ok, so I got logitech speakers, and I'm using my TV as a monitor, and since the TV has built in speakers, I'd like to use both systems at the same time, my TV (connected through HDMI) and my speakers (connected with a jack) How would it be possible to use both systems simultaneously?
  6. So, I got an envy x365 with ryzen 5 2500u, so far I've been able to play warzone, valheim, victoria II, CS:GO, and other games, and in my radeon software i saw that the gpu (vega 8) is using 2GB of my system memory, which is fine, because it originally has 8Gb, but ofc I upgraded to 16GB, now, my question is, if i increase the dedicated VRAM from my system to 4GB, how good is going to perform compared to its original configuration? is it going to be limited by its architecture? is my system overall going to be slower? I just want to use it to play the games i mentioned before, just to when i g