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  1. i know, i can play some recent games with my system but the one that's bottlenecking my system is the ram.
  2. yes, but i've been getting into computers for the last 2 months, i wanted to get more ram, but i'm saving up for something better.
  3. I've had only 3GB of RAM on my computer while using i5-2400s and a GTX 1050, i can barely play minecraft and it crashes 1/3 times, i'm basicly forced to play low-end games like roblox, can't even play team fortress 2 and my computer is really loud when i have google and discord and roblox open, not much a fun fact but there you go, thats how i've playing games for the past 2 and a half years and still typing this on that computer.
  4. sorry for responding a week later, but i've found out that the site i was looking on was second-hand, so basicly now im gonna get a I5-10300H with a 1650 TI and 16GB Ram cause thats enough for me
  5. yeah i found one with a 2060+i5-8300h with 3500 lei so thats good but laptops with RTX 3000 Series are the cheapest 3060 laptops are like 6000 lei, soo
  6. well, depends on what HP Omen and what lenovo Legion 5, theres probably more models
  7. I plan on a lot of gaming on the HP-Pavilion 15-dk1018nq, games including warzone, and another steam games, and in romania its going for about 3000 lei which roughly translates to 722 USD on a site kind of like eBay but is still new and not opened. It's found on normal markets in romania for about 4500-5000 lei which is 1083-1203 dollars, is it worth it for a 1660ti, I5-10300H and 16gb of RAM? Opinions?
  8. ill use double-sided tape with a short cable so theres no tangling, thanks for the info!
  9. The title speaks for itself, please help me I wanna find a better GPU for a better price right now, 500 dollars is my limit.
  10. yeah, that's a bit sad, 2060's in my country are like 4000 lei, equal to about 1000 dollars, but i found some gtx 980ti's that i'm gonna buy instead of the 1650 super to game on because they seem to fit in my budget and are good to game on.
  11. well for the 1660 its either too good to be true on OLX which is basicly eBay in romania or its too expensive but the 1650 Super has a decent price, and ill look for something with case fans then, thanks for the comment