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  1. BTW can help me fix RAM issues? On Windows it say 553 Mhz (I think). and I think that I kinda change registry or something about that.
  2. CPU: AMD athlon II X4 641 GPU: Gigabyte GT730 rev. 2.0 Motherboard: Asrock A55M-HVS RAM: 8 GB (from Black berry and Transcend. Both 1333) Hard drive: Hatachi 500GB and WD blue (2.5 or 3.5 IDK can't remember) 750 GB) Power supply : Prescott ready P4-ATXW 550 (Yep IK it's not 550W I but will change it)
  3. BTW is it what the game language doing it like use CPU more than GPU or is it bottleneck?
  4. So I want to overclock (cuz somehow CPU is bottleneck my Graphics card, when I run Genshin most of the time CPU 90-100% but GPU 60-70% even little bit of underclock). And I want to know how much do I need to change the clock and voltage before the CPU reach to 50-60 and I want to stable (my CPU even gaming on is sitting around 40°C). If you read this, Thank you
  5. I'm curious that What Desktop CPU are using ARM architecture. Because I want to try to play android game (especially Sky: Children of the light cuz they can't play on both Android Emu and Android x86 OS) out of Desktop PC. I really think that Sky: children of the light can't play on x64 CPU (or normal desktop CPU. IDK what to type) but can play from ARM CPU (cuz I think it's can play on Android phone but not Android Emu or android x86 OS).