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  1. Nice PFP, im a fellow vibing cat too!

  2. YOP crypto mining pleb is back with probably another stupid question! nicehash used to run perfectly fine, essentially getting 30-32MH/s with 80W at 60~ degree gpu and 75~ degree hotspot. i tried using phoenix miner when i learned nicehash was taking quite a big cut, just wanting to get more out of my hardware, but ever since i ran phoenix miner nicehash as been really janky, randomly dropping down to 20mh/s until i restart it and now requireing 85-90W for the same 30-32MH/s i know the two miners had some drama or something, could phoenix miner h
  3. awesome!! thanks a bunch for the info and the input!! didn't know that's how memory was calculated! very helpful!
  4. im very new to this whole thing so im not exactly sure what the numbers are suposed to look like, i have ran the oc tuner in msi after burner and im mining using nicehash google says base vram clockspeed for a 2060 is 1750 MHz so is this like super fucking bad that its always capped at 7800MHz?? im asuming the rest is fine since its not even close to running at boost clock and the temps are looking well withing the realm of fine thanks for the help!
  5. 600w power supply (quite old though if that could affect things?) 16gb ram 2060 slight overclocked ryzen 5 2600 i doubt it could be gpu mem overheating as the restarts seem to tend to happen not long after i start the mining and i hade multiple 10~ hour mining sessions with no problems is there anywhere i could check my gpu mem temps? gpu dosent go above 130w
  6. i do have avast, but i have already gone trough and whitelisted anything that it kept removing
  7. oke, so ive started getting into bitcoin mining just cuz why not. however twice now already my computer restarted while mining and nicehash uninstaled itself. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine still and the temps never went above 60°c im just wondering if this a cause for concern and maybe i should stop before it causes any actual damage to my system? Thanks for your input!~