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  1. UPDATE: Thought I would update this thread now that I have had a bit more information. I found out today that although there was significant "memory chip degradation" on the SSD, there is still a chance that the files can be recovered. I am assuming this is using more sophisticated technology than I had available to myself. Unfortunately the price is pretty steep for recovery - $500 CAN - but I think it's probably worth it. If anyone can hazard a guess as to whether this is a good price I would be happy to hear back before I sacrifice a paycheque on this alter. Either way, lesson
  2. So I definitely agree, Heliian. Honestly, when I saw the logo and the disk error I panicked and took it in right away without trying to troubleshoot too much. At this point I have had two people tell me that this happens quite often with this particular M.2. As far as storage options go: I had a HDD on the computer and I did have some foresight to put a few pictures on there but no work related files. So for next time I am going to look into purchasing some cloud storage options and an external for this computer (I had a separate one for my Mac). I'm still going to try and go th
  3. So we did try it on another PC and it registered as having 470GB available (on a 512GB SSD). I agree, think it’s toast too. I did take it into ReStoring Data in downtown Vancouver but I’m nervous about the price tag. However, might be worth it to recover the photos and uni essays. I wish I had researched the SSD a little more before I bought the PC. I think it’s prone to failure. Too bad I had to learn the hard way by not backing my stuff up constantly. Would downloading the manufactures tools (On another computer) and drivers help in recovering the data?
  4. No, thank goodness I didn't format it (at least I don't think I did). The issue really just happened last night and happened pretty suddenly. I have had it taken out of the computer and now I'm trying to shop it around to see who might be able to perform a recovery on it. I tried looking at ReStoringData downtown but I was hoping someone might have personal experience with a company that they could recommend.
  5. So I recently booted up my PC and was treated with a disk error. I let it do a self repair but it didn’t boot. Finally took it in today to have it looked at and the SSD (M.) said it had no files on it. Little nervous about that considering I have all my school work and photos on it. Can anyone recommend a good data recovery place in the lower mainland that might be able to help without sending it away for months and months?