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  1. well opera worked fine for almost a year now and i used it just a few hours before this happened. and i didnt really download anything that could cause this at least that i know of
  2. so when i went to turn on my pc go watch some youtube etc after a good 3-4 minutes of being on it stopped giving any output to my screen restarted pc and no output at all all fans spinning and turning it off/on works so i turned it off turned off the powersupply and checked if there was any damage to the cables or anything unnormal. but nothing i turn on the power supply again turn on the pc i check msu afterburner and temperatures are normal but then same thing happened again now turning off/on power supply and turning on the pc a
  3. I might upgrade to 3600 ddr4 later but i guess for now i'll just stick with 2666
  4. Cs, beamng, warzone and also some vr games here and there And yes i am very aware that i wont be able to play something like half life alyx on the highest graphics settings but as long as the resolution is fine i dont mind turning down the graphics a bit
  5. So i found this prebuilt with a 1660super 16gb ddr4 2666 a intel i5 10400f (6 cores 2.9-4.3) and a 1tb ssd, for 850€ / 1026$ with the 1660 super being priced at 600€/724$ at the moment (in germany) i might wanna get this one but i dont know if i should wait for something else The website is in german but of you still want to take a look yourself go ahead https://www.aldi-nord.de/aldi-liefert/p/core-gaming-pc-engineer-p10-md34555-1013339/