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  1. I just turned off the settings that disables unique SSIDs so I can connect straight to the 5ghz network. this seemed to fix things but i guess ill see over time.
  2. right now i think it’s back on 36 because that was the most clear one, but i tried a bunch of different channels and got the same result on my computer. i saw online that other people forced 5GHz through device manager but when i tried to do the same thing my network card didn’t have that option. maybe i didn’t install the driver correctly, so i’ll try that again when i get home. i’ll have to look more into the SSID stuff when i’m off work. my professor who’s a network genius is going to help me out tonight so i’ll relay all this information to him. thanks
  3. i normally would when i’m at school, but at home the way my router is set up doesn’t really allow for me to without running a long cable over multiple doorways. it would be a massive hassle that i don’t really have time to do at the moment.
  4. Before I begin, I have Verizon Fios internet with a G1100 router and a Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC network card. I had issues with my connection a few days ago that I was able to resolve on here thanks to some helpful forum members, but now I'm having a different issue that I'm hoping some people can help me troubleshoot. I recently got a new PC and when i first got it i was having really bad latency problems in games. Turns out I was connected to my 2.4ghz connection. I did some research and I ended up switching my 5ghz chann
  5. i think switching the channel might’ve solved all my issues! i didn’t get a single latency issue all last night and on top of that, the connection to my phone is even better! i might play around with different channels but as of right now everything’s super smooth. im definitely going to look into getting a different router soon though. i think that’d help connectivity issues for everything. thanks so much for your help and patience! you honestly have no idea how much stress you’ve saved me trying to figure it out on my own lol.
  6. its a fios g1100 from what ive seen on google. it does support 5GHz as far as i know and when i check my network properties it says im connected to the 5GHz network. i just changed the 5GHz channel to channel 36. i have a bunch more available channel options in the router settings so am i able to connect to any of those that don't have other signals connected to it, or are the grayed out channels on the chart not available to me? update: just checked the devices page and there's 3 devices connected to our 5ghz connection. 2 of which are our doorbell and my phone. i did a speedtest a
  7. that looks great! ill definitely bookmark that one and consider it if i end up needing to buy a new one! thanks!
  8. ok a couple things, i checked the driver for the card and it said the driver date was 2019. not sure if thats when the driver was installed or if thats the date of the driver but the ones on the site you linked only go as recent as 2017. should i still download that driver? second, i ran the wifi analyzer, but (i think) at 5GHz it couldnt give me a rating so im not sure how to fix that. i posted screenshots of all this. (edit) posted the screenshot of my router settings page. hope thats what you were wanting! sorry for not being more informed about all this. im st
  9. it looks like it’s attached the the pcie1_2 slot. i can’t get a good picture of inside the case but i attached a picture from the motherboard and circled where it’s located.
  10. it’s a desktop with an asus a320m motherboard so shouldn’t it work fine? also will this one work with my amd system?
  11. do you have any recommendations? i tried doing some research on new ones but i’m not sure what to look for. i have an AMD system if that helps at all.
  12. its a realtek rtl8821ce. i guess it's m.2 based? im not sure. would getting a better antenna help my situation maybe? not sure what antenna they gave me but it's an asus one with no model number or anything.
  13. i would but ethernet isnt an option i can go with. would a wifi usb dongle work better than the card that came installed?
  14. i just bought my first pc and it came with a wireless card with an antenna. i did a speedtest and im getting a solid 40 down, but in multiple games i lag to the point where its unplayable. is there a way that i can fix this?
  15. is there anything in the title of the product that i should look out for that’d tell me the chip manufacturer?