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    Pennsylvania State University (University Park)
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    Car/ automotive culture, Skiing, Engineering, Cross Country/ Long Distance Track, Gaming (non-competitive, typically single player), Percussion
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    I've been a long time automotive enthusiast, and am planning to make a career in Automotive Engineering, starting by majoring in Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate. I've also been a skier for most of my life, and I can't wait to go on spring-break trips out west when I'm in college. I also enjoy running, as I was a varsity Cross Country and Long Distance Track runner throughout high school. I also enjoy playing percussion instruments (though, sadly I'm not talented enough for piano : ( ), and playing single player AAA games.
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    Currently, part time Ski Technicnian.


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    Dell XPS 17 (Intel Core i9-10885H (10th gen); 32 GB; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q; 1 TB SSD; 1920 * 1200p (16:10) non-touch

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  1. In summary to my last post, good options for you're situation would be a base model XPS 17 ($1,500), base or upgraded Inspiron 17 2-in-1 ($862 or $1,205), or the new Inspiron 16 ($1,205). My pick, though, would be to go with the Inspiron 16 with the NVIDIA 3050 GPU just so you can have the GPU power just in case, especially since it's only $50 more than the other one I recommend. Plus, the Inspiron 16 has the best selection of ports - imo - and utilizing things like Honey or waiting for another one of Dell's sales will get you this for even cheaper. And god, looking at
  2. Not sure how much you're willing to spend, but I think the Dell XPS 17, Inspiron 17 2-in-1, and Inspiron 16 might be good options. The XPS 17 has the benefit of having better dedicated GPU's, typically with 4 GB and 6 GB video memory options. For 2020 models (9700), you have the option of a 1650 (or 1650 Ti, I forget to be honest), which is the 4 GB, and a 2060 Max-Q, which is 6 GB. For 2021 models (9710), you have the option of a 3050 (or 3050 Ti. again, I forget), the 4 GB, and a full 3060, the 6 GB. I'd say if you want this laptop to last longer, look for the 2021 models, espec
  3. Also comes in 3060 variant! (i.e., veeery good mid/ high range GPU, imo) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-predator-triton-300-se-14-144hz-laptop-intel-11th-gen-i7-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-16gb-ddr4-512gb-ssd/6455816.p?acampID=0&cmp=RMX&loc=Hatch&ref=198&skuId=6455816 Also, these are from U.S. sites, so I'm not sure how you'd be able to acquire them in the EU, but both of these fit well into your budget.
  4. Speaking of this, I found this Acer laptop. Even though it is in their gamer-like predator lineup, I'd say it looks pretty professional. Plus, since it's not as thin as my laptop, I don't believe you'll get into any issues with cooling. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-predator-triton-300-se-14-144hz-laptop-intel-11th-gen-i7-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3050ti-16gb-ddr4-512gb-ssd/6462533.p?acampID=0&cmp=RMX&loc=Hatch&ref=198&skuId=6462533
  5. Knowing that you're going to college for Mechanical Engineering - same situation as me! - I highly recommend saving some more money (if possible) for your budget to get extra performance, because when purchasing my laptop, I went with the mindset that this machine is going to last me my four years of undergraduate. Because of that, I settled with a kitted out XPS 17 9700 (and because I had the money for it), which came out to ~$2,200 after discounts codes, though I kind of missed out on the updated 9710 models since they have NVIDIA 30-series GPU's and intel 11th gen CPU's - which may not be b
  6. Congrats! Did you get last year's 9500 or this year's 9510? And what specs did you go with?
  7. I have an XPS 17 9700 kitted out with an i9-10885H, 32 GB of memory, RTX 2060 Max-Q, and 1 TB SSD, and I've been loving it so far. If you're still considering an XPS device, I think they're a great blend of powerful CPU and memory performance in a very professional looking package, i.e. it's very MacBook-esque in aesthetic. They're GPU's are pretty good, too, considering it's in a thin package, though they can get pretty costly. As I said, my XPS 17 is pretty kitted out, and before discounts it should come to around $3,000, and I still had to pay around $2,400 for mine. Though the
  8. Plus, if you're going into college as a freshman, a computer upgrade is a definite must, especially if you're going to be using your computer for intense schoolwork (CAD, photoshop, video editing, etc.) Source: I'm a college freshman, currently in a summer program/ semester. I bought myself a Dell XPS 17 9700 with some of the money I saved from college (i9-10885H (8 cores, 16 threads, 5.3 GHz), 32 GB memory, RTX 2060 Max-Q, 1 TB SSD, 1920*1200p display). I bought my laptop with the intention that it's going to last me throughout my four years of undergraduate, and know
  9. Look, no offense to the author or to anyone else in this thread, but in my opinion, it's crazy for a college student to have this kind of computing power on the go, especially since you'll likely have to plug this thing into, like, two wall outlets - because you will have two power cords. I firmly believe in this situation, you'll be fine with a gaming desktop and then a notebook for when you're on the go, especially because for real, it's good to take a break from the gaming every now and then, especially because you'll have to focus on your studies. But then again, if you can really do all t
  10. God, daaaaaaaaaaaamn Shit then you really need something like a desktop replacement, but look, those things really are not portable. Like, you really can not store them in your backpack, you're only carrying that - it's basically your suitcase. Look, again, it really helps to know if you're a college student, high school student, employed, or whatever situation you're in, but make no mistake, if you really want those listed specks, I really believe the smartest option would to make that into a tower, and then have a notebook laptop when you're on the go, because honest
  11. I'm not sure what your current life situation is, but I can totally understand having a powerful computer on your side at all times if you're a college student or if you're out an about most of the time. Take me, for example. I'm a new college student studying Mechanical Engineering, and while I like to game, I don't need a 3080 to fulfil my gaming needs, nor do I need a 144 Hz display, either (i.e., I'm natively a console gamer). Plus, because I saved a lot of money working through high school, and because of personal preferences, I wanted a laptop that was more professional looking, and was
  12. Well, we already know that you'll need a laptop for college, but a big part of college laptops is knowing what you'll be studying, because computer specifications can vary drastically between majors. Though, this may not be the case if lets say, for example, you're an engineering major, but you school provides you with such computers, or if the school's computer labs/ computers in the library are specked out to meet the requirements of those intense Engineering programs. When I was researching for my college laptop (because I'm going into college, too, for Mechanical Engineering), I was in the
  13. Hey I'm just generally curious, too, and this will likely strand away from the main conversation of this forum, but I'm considering on buying an eGPU for my dorm-gaming setup because I couldn't commit to a full-on gaming desktop with a notebook or to have a big, chunky gaming laptop that'll be a pain to carry around. So, I went with a Dell XPS 17 9700, specked with an i9-10885H, 32 GB of memory, 1 TB SSD, NVIDIA RTX 2060 Max-Q, and the base 1920*1200p display because it seems to fit my needs for my engineering applications in my 4 years of undergraduate, and it seems to handle AAA games on 120
  14. Otherwise thanks for the input @Somerandomtechyboi