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  1. Hello everyone, With Cisco Meraki taking off, and gaining popularity. I was curious. Do you guys think that Cisco Meraki can be used as the main networking equipment for an office? In this example, I would say 35 to 45 users at a time, and growing steadily. OR do you think it would be better to invest into traditional Cisco equipment? Thanks in advance!
  2. Good evening everyone! The current setup is a Cisco switch, and Ubiquiti AP's. I'm looking to upgrade the hardware over time. This is in a business with about 150-200 users. Do you think I should go all Cisco or all Ubiquiti? What's better in the long run? Has Ubiquiti caught up to Cisco? My experience with Cisco goes as far as Cisco Meraki and deploying those. If I were to go Cisco - I would go for my CCNA/P to learn more about the Cisco products and how to configure them properly. Thank you in advance!
  3. Good Evening! Sorry if I posted in the wrong area. I couldn't really find a category for this. I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on enterprise level AV's? And if possible - for mobile devices as well but not necessary. I'm currently familiar with Bitdefender (Unsure how they perform on an enterprise level), and Cylance. I was wondering if their were any other ones out there that I can look into further. Business is about 200 users at the moment and growing steadily. Windows 10, and iPhones. Thank you in advance!