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  1. Ya I have used Linux but that time I had a lot of old hardware(from 2010) so the setup was very painful but now when I have new hardware I was thinking of revisiting Linux
  2. My major work is on Unity, Godot(some time), VS Code and resolve 17, a web browsers but the gaming support(like epic games) hacky at best
  3. Hey guys, I bought a new laptop Spec --> CPU --> AMD 4600H GPU --> GTX 1650 Mobile Ram --> 8 GB I was thinking to install Linux on my system and most of the apps that I use are open source, or they are also available on Linux and do some like gaming (like rocket league, Control, watch dogs 2 GTA V) but I know that the support of Linux gaming is getting good, but windows is still better. Should I install Linux alongside windows, will I see any benefit after Linux in productivity or should I install Linux in a virtual machine
  4. ok thank mate then i should not buy PS 5 controller
  5. should a buy bluetooth or the wireless adapter one
  6. Hey guys which is best controller for gaming on pc Should I buy Xbox controller (elite 1) vs PS 5 controller or should i buy a thrid party controller (like red gear) or should I even buy a controller
  7. I have already install the os and now i want to save it as a copy
  8. Hi guys i did all the all the customization in my ubuntu boot is there a way that don't have to do this again again when i setup ubuntu in different PCs can compile there thing in the base iso so i don't have to do this progess again if i have to reinstall ubuntu
  9. Yes in India laptop price are the worse then usa but i need a new system and i can't go with a custom build because i will need to pay double the price at normal times
  10. Hi guys I am form India I need a new system I am thinking for going for a laptop because of graphics card sortable! Opinion --> 1. https://store.hp.com/in-en/default/hp-pavilion-15-ec1050ax-1n1g4pa.html 2. https://www.amazon.in/ASUS-Graphics-Windows-Bonfire-FA506II-HN153T/dp/B08825Z8CW/ref=sr_1_4?tag=8ap-21 They spec are basically same and the cost is about $1000(USA) or ₹78000 <-- the offline prices are lower then these the offline Spec--> 1.Amd R5 4600 2.Gtx 1650ti 3.144Hz 1080p display 4.256 SSD and 1tb HDD