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  1. Hi every1 So I bought a daily driver laptop and has a 8250u and 8GB ram. The storage is an 5400rpm toshiba hdd But it boots up quite quickly compared to other hdd. so is it possible that like cpu gpu is there a silicon lottery even in spinning media
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies
  3. Hi everyone, So I am planning a PC build and had a doubt that buying a GPU from Ebay is good? and also is it legit- I am looking at a GTX 1080ti (Gigabyte Aorus) one for $65. Is this deal a scam?
  4. Thanks Everyone for the answers
  5. Hi Guys, I plan on building a gaming system and plan on taking to US with me (from India). Therefore the Gigabyte P450B PSU I have works in India with the voltage of 240 @ 50Hz but will it work in US or will I need to purchase another PSU in the states? Also is 450W PSU enough for a 9350KF and a GTX 1060 (ROG Strix) with a M.2 and 2 fans