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  1. I need a new pc but can't find much that fits my budget, and has everything I am looking for. I need a decent computer for Blender, Minecraft with shaders, and maybe some COD warzone. Can someone tell me good laptops or pc parts around those prices below? Preferably from best buy, or target for easy pickup. Thanks! Laptop Budget: $700 Laptop: $650 Mouse: $25 Headset: anything $50 or under PC Budget: $750 All PC parts: $635 Mouse: $30 Keyboard: $45 Headset with Mic: $40
  2. I was looking to change my OS but couldn't decide between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. The price is fine for each OS but I saw a lot of new features on Windows 10 Pro than on Windows 10 Home. I still can't decide or even figure out what all of the features mean for the Pro version. Can someone tell me which OS to get, and what settings to turn off? I'm only going to be using it for gaming and light video editing.