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  1. Can't really, its what you called a "toxic family" last time I dealt with something my bitcoin mining rig dropped in boiling water
  2. I like your humor, but my father is a fool, he does not understand the concept of punishment
  3. if not i will accept lost and start planning my next phase
  4. Being extremely persistent here but will the Phanteks Eclipse P350X rgb lighting work and does this setup fit inside it?
  5. mind sending me the link again
  6. ah i see give me about 6 minutes for me to think and scrap up a new rig
  7. Im not an expert but try update your drivers then try again
  8. Hmm yes... its overkill but another reason why im hesitant to buy is because of the price, my family does not know how to respect my privacy so im afraid someone will destroy it in spite. other than that i would go straight ahead for it
  9. seeing how little power my games need even with shaders that graphics card is extremely over kill
  10. I have edited and changed some stuff, the people who i was talking to went offline. the rig you sent me has a chance of having an outdated bios. My rig cpu is not intended on being used at full blast rather long times when im sleeping.
  11. your anti virus might be accessing the drive causing it to boot up, Im not an expert so i dont know. Im your local script kiddie
  12. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/V92Xwz