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  1. The powerdelivery & MosFETs propably won't be even able to run a 9900k at TDP, lul
  2. I always used iTunes as my mp3 player for years, even tho i hated it more and more. Few years ago i switched to Spotify, but i still don't really like their UI. You can't customize it that much how i want. Also, playing local mp3s on Spotify is a pain in the ass
  3. There is a downloadable win32 version of the new version, it still sucks tho.
  4. Well, looks the same as https://haveibeenpwned.com which has existed for ages Edit: oh the data is actually by them
  5. This will be chipset only, maybe with an adjusted design. With CPUs it wouldn't work great without a complete redesign
  6. Haha, this is like paying 1200 bucks for hairworks if the 2080 Ti isnt double the perf of the 1080 Ti they are truly cashassgrabbers
  7. The game was not that bad in the beginning, but it was ruined day by day by stupid patches which destroyed balance and stuff like that. it got worse and worse
  8. How could you know that too? PNY just leaked specs of the TI and it is indeed true that SLI is gone and replaced by NVlink 2 way.
  9. Its USB Type C, prob for VR. Also that PCB pic, the source is videocardz not wccf. Im pretty sure SLI is dead
  10. Prices: RTX8000 - 10k RTX6000 - 6.3k RTX5000 - 2.3k https://www.cnet.com/news/nvidia-turing-architecture-arrives-in-high-end-quadro-rtx-gpus/ I wonder if the new GeForce cards will have such a huge RT Core too. That most likely is alot of the die.. when it's not in use by most games thats alot of wasted space if it can't process anything else except raytracing
  11. Pretty sure that NVLink bridge will be used for GeForce too, as seen in the leaked 2080 PCB, (replacing SLI ?)
  12. Quadro RTX 6000 announced the NVIDIA Quadro GV100 was 9k, i wonder how much this costs lol
  13. Yeah, the first Space Shuttle launch was also a "Suicide Mission"
  14. I wonder if they will change to 64bit standard now because all office apps are still installed as 32bit if you donz explicitly choose 64bit