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  1. After 1 multiplayer game sits in the 90/100 with sidepanel off
  2. dosent fit top already tried and also i bought the card february or january last year dont think the past should be dry
  3. the fans are good , i think the problem is the case.
  4. gpu: Rx 5700xt Rog strix cpu: ryzen 7 2700x motherboard: asus tuf b450 pro gaming cooler: corsair h115i capelix case : phantex p400 corsair fans : 3x ll 140mm | 2xll 120mm
  5. So..., I've been playing Cold War for a while and I keep getting this high Temps and when they reach high my whole case becomes a tornado and really noise is there something I can do to decrease the temps
  6. Dam that's so mutch better
  7. Should I put the front fans intaking behind the rad like they are or in front of the rad
  8. HI , i need some help i need to cool my gpu when i start a heavy game like B0CW my gpu goes flying up to 90ºC 80ºC and my case fans starts like a plane In this photos are my idle temps and my case airflow