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  1. welp thank u maxxpro its worked! My fps is bacl to 200 tysm man
  2. yeah thank you I check on google and also ur italian that cool!
  3. Ok there you go i've put it to the 165hz my monitor is supposed to have i'll see if it makes a difference
  4. Ok nvm looked it up on google lol Thanks tho
  5. Ok ik I shouldnt be asking this but how do I check that? I only play video games on my pc I dont know that stuff lmao.
  6. So I got a new monitor yesterday and when I tried playing Valorant my fps seemed fine but it didnt seem like it visually and also my cpu was at a 100$ in the task manager. Can someone help me find why? The monitor is the Acer nytro xv240Y And my crappy set-up is: Cpu: intel i5-2400 Gpu: radeon rx 470 (I know its horrible but my dad made this a while ago and making a better one would cost me so much money) Ram: 8gb So help please I really want a better monitor my old one is trash.