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  1. Would an X570 board and 5800X play nicely with the 390X? It is an old card design, I'm honestly a bit concerned about driver issues.
  2. I'm planning a full-ish system upgrade based around a Ryzen 7 5800X. Currently I have an FX-6300. Yes, I know, it stinks - I do have it OCed to 4.0GHz though, and had it at 4.2 for a while before a few brown-outs (yey rural America infrastructure) bricked a couple of PSUs and at least one motherboard, so I dialed back the OC to reduce wear on the CPU. The R9 390X I have is actually something MSI sent me by mistake when I RMA'd my motherboard, the one they sent bricked itself after a single power cycle, then I RMA'd it again and got mailed an R9 390X instead. I kept the card and got a new mothe
  3. Never look at WebDev source code. Your description isn't an opinion there, it's empirical fact.