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  1. Thank you so very much sir!!!
  2. Bump for a ltt video please…..
  3. Ok but still no info about advanced Optimus, I wish one of LTT people would whip up such a list…. They are praising mux switches without telling us which laptop has them, would be a good video to make and include advanced Optimus please. Also they could ask manufacturer to start adding those info on laptop spec sheets, they have the power to start that trend I feel.
  4. Yeah thanks, I took a look at this list but wasn’t sure about it because I thought that mux switch were physical, so was wondering how a bios update would activate it? I mean if it’s physically there, why need a bios update? Were the manufacturer not intending to use it in the first place??? That would be odd… also no mention about advanced Optimus….
  5. Hello, I am shopping for a new gaming laptop and I hear a lot about mux switch or advanced optimus , the thing is that when I look at laptop specs no one says if they have or don’t have them, is there a list somewhere that could tell me if they do or don't have a mux switch or advanced optimus??? Thanks
  6. How to know which phone has which modem???
  7. Thanks then I think I will stay with iPhone since they have basically the same hardware
  8. wait a minute, you are saying we have modems in our phones? I thought it was just a simple antenna.... I am afraid to go back with Iphone again because of the xr poor reception, but if you tell me they modified the hardware I guess I could give it a try. But are samsungs, google, tcl or motorola even better than newer iphones? Didn't include LG because of bad experiences with them in the past and huawei because I don't trust them.
  9. could help for home I guess. The thing is that when I drive to and from home the reception wouldn't be better tho....
  10. Where I live most homes are like 250m appart , we all are in different situations. I don’t think asking my neighbours would be a good indication. Also because they don’t look like tech people at all... I mean there must be a reliable way to test antennas strength in phones right??? And why is it so hard to find this info?? I know smart phones prefer design than having a good antenna since good antennas are usually protruding from the device to do a good job. But I mean come on.. ltt should look into that.
  11. Hi, new comer here but long time ltt youtube channels listener. The reason I am posting here is because I am about to change my phone and where I live I can hardly get 2 bars of LTE signal on my iPhone XR. Was wondering what should I go for on my next purchase to get at least a steady 3 bars. Information on smartphone antennas are really scarce, would be nice to have someone test antennas with true data somewhere. Thanks