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  1. Yeah cus i can only get power to the mother board when the 24 pin is plugged half way
  2. Motherboard Cpu Ram Psu Do you want parts list again?
  3. But when i plug a 550 into the new board i get nothing
  4. No no i pluged the psu in a diff motherboard and the board goes on and off in short increments so i have a feeling the psu is not putting out the right power for the board due to a manufacturing error
  5. Now with it unpluged its still doing it plus when i plug the 24 pin in a different mother board the other mother board flikers prob from the cpu power
  6. I dont think my motherboard likes the rgb header from antec
  7. Nvm i pluged the fan header i unpluged before and turned it back on and it shut down
  8. Whooooo i got it one of the 24 pins where wonky
  9. Are one of the wires supposed to be missing
  10. Also new update ifbi wiggle the 24 pin in and out i get flashes of power