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  1. They look good in the everybuild I see
  2. To any one wondering the follow up is After talking with Lian Li Support they sent me a new controller. I tried the new controller plus every fixes again and it still doesnt work. My opinion, 80€ for 3 fans and a controller who doesn't work isn't a great deal. Love the concept, love the brand, love the support, hate that this doesn't work
  3. Tried it like you said, nothing. Contacted Lian Li about it expecting and answer soon. Will post what they say
  4. Quick Question about that. And please do explain this like I am an infant What do you mean using DMM to test it out?
  5. Did not know that about Kolink... Guess I do now... Thx
  6. So I recently upgrade my PC Case to Lian Li PC-O11DW so I thought they next thing would be to get Lian Li Uni Fan and bought a 3 pack one. Connected it all through the controller to the motherboard (ROG B550-F GAMING). All good so far, boot the PC, they light up and work fine, install L-Connect to control them and for some reason it doesnt read the fans. Search the web and do over 10 fixes + Lian Li fix and nothing work. As you can see in the picture it reads no RPM and I can't control RGB. Tried to control it through the Motherboard Software same thing. Nothing read the fans bu
  7. So I bought a Kolink Enclave 700 and then I bought some branded cables to make my pc look cool I messed up, I bought extensions and it plus the PSU cables just makes it so you can't close the backplate I heard somewhere you can buy branded cables that go directly onto the PSU (avoiding the extra cables + mess) Can someone point me to where I can get such cables for my PSU?