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  1. Hi everyone. Few days ago I was at work and my house is having thunderstorm. When I arrived home around 6pm, thunder already gone but I noticed my computer monitor is dark, no blinking light as usual, turned on the power, nothing at all.. Meanwhile my computer is booted fine. So I hooked up my computer to my tv via hdmi. It boot up fine. Except for this error "The current BIOS setting do not fully support the boot device. Go to Advanced > Boot > CSM Paramters, and adjust the CSM settings to enable the boot device" I already go to the CSM section and tweak it but nothing
  2. ** This is quite long cheapskate budget gaming story, so please read it carefully and let me know your thoughts. Thanks ** My computer is originally NEC Powermate V6360 from 2009. Comes with Biostar motherboard (I don't remember the model), cpu Core2Duo E4400 2Ghz, 1GB x2 DDR2 ram (dual slot), 160GB hdd with Windows XP, (I don't know what brand) 500w psu, please refer to the attached photos.. In 2013, I started slowly to upgrade my computer hardware.. First I bought graphic card Asus HD 5450 1GB and upgraded to Windows 7 Home premium.. after around 5 years, in 2018 the