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  1. I changed my setup completely. I got some inspiration from some LTT videos and your comments. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Well I was thinking about playing with blender (3D animation and modelling app) and maybe trying some game developement. But I could just delay those and do them when I get a normal graphics card for a normal price.
  3. And I need a graphics card no matter what, right? Sorry, I'm really new to this.
  4. What is integrated graphics? Is that some kind of other version/type of GPUs or is that a separate thing?
  5. Do you have something to recommend? I'm not very experienced in this so I have no idea what a good choice could be.
  6. Hi, I'm a student from Hungary and I'd like to upgrade my laptop to a PC at the end of the school year. I picked a starting point that I think is great. I never built a PC before, that's the main reason I'm asking for help here. 1. Budget & Location I want the whole build to be under 1600 USD (500,000 HUF) 2. Aim I will use this computer to do software developement and sometimes play games with low performance requirements (Minecraft, Don't starve, etc.). I might use it to play around with blender and unity a little bit but that's not the main goal. 3. Moni