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    PinkMusen reacted to mariushm in NVME on older motherboard   
    The Asus card takes  - UP TO - 16 pci-e lanes and makes 4 groups of 4 pci-e lanes, and connects each group to a m.2 connector. 
    This can work only if the motherboard and the bios support a feature called bifurcation.  If this feature is not supported, then the 3 other m.2 connectors simply won't work. 
    Also, keep in mind that some pci-e slots only have 8 pci-e lanes, or even 4 pci-e lanes.  If this is the case, only 2 m.2 connectors will work (8 pci-e lanes are split in 2 groups of 4 lanes) or a single m.2 connector.