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  1. My PS4 stutters and freezes literally every time I hit the ps button in-game. It's kinda of annoying so that's what I was hoping to fix
  2. In this article titled "Give Your PS4 a Speed Boost While You Wait For a PS5": http://superjumpmagazine.com/give-your-ps4-a-speed-boost-while-you-wait-for-a-ps5-2432bec8b7e8 It says putting a cheap $35 250gb SSD inside the PS4 just for the OS, and reusing the stock drive externally for games will prevent the menu lag and stuttering on the PS4. Does anyone have experience in doing this?
  3. Ok I think I used the wrong word. But if you compare the uncharted games to the tomb raider games, the level of freedom in the game play and interaction is a world of difference..
  4. I have to agree, uncharted 1-3 are so extremly scripted (especially 3) its unreal. The last of us is also way to scriped.. Uncharted 4 is still scripted but its done in a way better way...
  5. I guess I can agree with that, its just seems stupid for Sony to start putting there exclusives on pc.. even after a couple years after release.
  6. If xbox was owned by any other company, they would have called it quits after the original xbox. Microsoft doesn't need xbox to be profitable the same way sony does with playstation.
  7. Right now theres no clear winner in terms of hardware, although this can change into the future when the consoles are actually get utilized properly. The parts where its lagging were mentioned in the article: https://medium.com/super-jump/every-advantage-the-xbox-series-x-has-over-the-ps5-29775f5340e7 For example, its lacking in 3d audio (only headphone support and no dolby headphone app), inferior high dynamic range (no dolby vision or auto hdr for older games), and no ps3 backwards compatibility is the biggest letdown (original ps3 hardware runs like @ss, emulation would be so mu
  8. In order to compete with potential loss of future bethesda/zenimax games they better.
  9. You said Hidden games. So Im going to avoid popular ones.. - Okami HD - 3D Dot heros - Ratchet and clank a crack in time - demon souls (yes this was hidden at the time) - Valkyria Chronicles - Modnation racers
  10. Personally I really liked the way PS3 XMB had implemented themes. It combined static/dynamic customizable themes in addition to changing game to game when selected for a few seconds.
  11. Hey y'all I wanted to share this interesting article I found on medium.com. http://medium.com/super-jump/every-advantage-the-xbox-series-x-has-over-the-ps5-29775f5340e7 It's goes really in depth into all the advantages the Series X has over the PS5. Theres surprisingly a lot, and the new ps5 update only fixed 2 of them. (Still waiting on VRR Sony!) It's kinda shocking how much Sony can get away with being the winner last generation. One of them is why did Sony get all the credit with their "tempest engine" 3d audio tech when right now Microsoft is doing the