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  1. I guess I can try that tomorrow. I'll have to unplug a different fan each day until I find the one failing. It just sucks that the problem goes away.
  2. So the noise stops after a few seconds and everything sounds normal, the only thing left is a burning like smell. Just checked and mesh isn't touching anything either.
  3. Problem - Upon boot up there is a strange noise that sounds like coil wind but it goes away after a few seconds. This only happens the first time I turn the computer on for the day. There is also a smell of something burning but my cpu temp is at 30 and gpu is 37. This started happening about a week ago. Operating System - 64-bit System Specs - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2JWLBc. Tell us which BIOS version you have. Some problems can be fixed by updating to the latest BIOS, so check that there are no updates available Include any software running when it crashes (if a
  4. Kinda upsetting that these are the retail prices from actual stores here...
  5. Would you recommend buying a msi rtx 3060 gaming x trio for about 839 euros from a retail store or just wait? Prices in Germany are pretty high....