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  1. Hi all, just wanted to close this up for anyone searching google in the future. I bought a 24 to 8 pin connector off amazon for about 10 bucks and it works perfectly.
  2. I found a 24 to 8 pin adapter for old dell machines, but do you know if the cpu cable will work?
  3. When installing the new psu for my old dell optiplex system (the stock 290w couldn’t power the 980ti i bought user off ebay) I realized that the motherboard only took a 4 pin cpu and an 8 pin motherboard power input. My psu (evga 600w) has dual 4 pins for the cpu and a 20+4 pin for the motherboard. I tried seeing if parts of the cables would fit, and as seen in my attached images, one of the dual 4 pins fit for the cpu, and the last 8 pins of the 20+4 pin connector fit into the motherboard power. I haven’t plugged the psu in or turned anything on as I wanted to check it this solution would wor
  4. Hi, I currently have a converted dell optiplex system. cpu: i5 4570 gpu: gtx 980ti ram: 2x4gb ddr3 psu: 600w evga motherboard: dell, has 2 ram slots and lga 1150 socket storage: 120gb ssd 1tb hdd I saved up some money for upgrades and i wanted some input on what upgrade would give me the best price per performance. I could either get 16gb(2x8) of ddr3 ram to replace the current 8gb(2x4) for about 60$ and maybe sell the old memory on ebay for about 20-30, or I could upgrade my i5 4570 to an i7 4770 for about a hundred bucks, and resell t