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  1. 1)R5 3400G 2)AORUS B450 prowifi 3)Aorus Ram 8×2 3200MHz 4)Adata Swordfish 240gb 5) Barracuda 2tb 5400rpm 6)Antec Atom v550 W DF600 FLUX (MD) review where should I upgrade or downgrade without compromising the performance and also remaining in same budget accordingly Usage = Gaming
  2. Heya I am confused between what to get in these two PS4 Slim 1TB Or Phone with 12 GB ram and 256 ROM
  3. I have a low spec laptop and I love to play games which I can't on laptop and I love both console, pc and mobile games
  4. My Birthday is coming so my dad my will get me something for about 30-40K INR or 400-530 USD So I have some options in it so pls recommend what should I get IPad 8th Gen PS4 Slim 1 TB Iqoo 3 Phone (12 GB ram / 256 GB Rom) Pc (if pc pls tell specs)