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  1. I'm thinking it maybe a power supply, any other thoughts?
  2. Thats when I manage to get past POST. I feel like it is hardware related as there is no BSOD or shutdown
  3. No changed hardware Core i7-4770k 16gb 1600mhz ram Asus z87i mini-itx Corsair ax760i Corsair h80i Gtx 770
  4. I have recently had trouble with my PC, where I am having trouble pinpointing the problem. I built it myself about 7 years ago and it's the first major problem I have had with it. The PC turned itself off a couple of weeks ago and I mean just went off instantly. After that when I pressed the power button the graphics card fan would spin up for half a second but the PC would instantly go off again. The next morning it was behaving the same, however in the evening it powered up fine and booted into windows for about 5 minutes. I have disconnected every component and re built the PC f