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  1. Hey, so I just built my first pc and my gpu fans and lights and everything else works. The one thing is though is that when I plug my monitor into the pc it says “No signal check ports”. I know the monitor works since it worked on my old computer. I also confirmed it was the GPU ports because I tried my old monitor too with a different HDMI and DP cable and that didn’t work either. Lastly, I also checked all of the inputs on the monitor to make sure it wasn’t that. If anyone knows a fix please comment. Parts: Ryzen 5 5600X ROG Strix B-450 II 6700 XT Mon
  2. yeah kinda embarrassing to admit but turns out I just didn’t press the power button... I thought pressing the on switch on the psu was the same thing as pressing the on button on the pc... thank you to everyone that took their time out of their day to respond though, this community is hella supportive.
  3. Hey, so I just finished my first pc build and nothing is turning on but the motherboard rgb lights. Not sure what I did wrong because I tried to follow the POV Build Guide and read all my manuals, but I think I messed up somewhere. If anyone knows what I did wrong please tell me (btw sorry for terrible cable management in the back I tried...) Part list: Ryzen 5 5600X 6700 XT 16 GB Corsair RGB Ram ROG Strix B-450 II Ares Gaming Bronze+ 650 PSU Kraken x53 Cooler Phanteks Eclipse P300A Samsung 860 EVO Storage