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    Sgt.Mak got a reaction from Sorenson in £1200 build. Got any suggestions?   
    I thought about the 5700xt but decided on Nvidia at the end.
    I replaced the gpu with the gigabyte 3 fans one and replaced the PSU with seasonic.
    I replaced the B450 with the x470 motherboard you suggessted and replaced the cooler with 212 evo black.
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    Sgt.Mak got a reaction from Lurick in Ethernet not getting full speeds.   
    It was on Auto. I changed it to 1gig full and saw no change so reverted it to auto again.
    Yea I might just get a new cable.. this one is like 6 years old..
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    Sgt.Mak reacted to Agonizel in PC won't wake from sleep?   
    "with only the touch of a true love's kiss will the spell be broken"
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    Sgt.Mak reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Remove OS but not programs?   
    In my experience most programs work fine on an OS a Windows install they weren't installed to. If the app installer does touch the registry, it's basically doing the following:
    Writing an entry in the Add/Remove Programs applet database, which it's mostly metadata about the application and where its uninstaller is Context menu entries File associations, if the app doesn't do that when running The only time you need to reinstall the application is if it has some DRM thing attached to it. If the application has dependencies, the app is only going to assume they exist already and if they don't, will hopefully throw a useful error why it won't start. At which point you just install the dependency (though getting the app's installer usually is the faster route)
    So basically, you can remove Windows by simply deleting the Windows folder and removing the drive's bootloader.
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    Sgt.Mak reacted to Pixel5 in Remove OS but not programs?   
    no this is not possible for most programs as they write stuff into the registry and expect certain dependencies to be there which are not anymore if you do it like this.
    you should write down which programs you used within the last 3 months and reinstall them manually on the new SSD, everything you did not use in that time is not worth reinstalling before you actually need it again.
  6. Agree
    Sgt.Mak reacted to Cvet76 in Remove OS but not programs?   
    Theoretically, a lot is possible. I'd say, though, that it would be quite time consuming and tedious, because you'd have to move all the files manually. You would probably fail miserably, because OS is a complicated thing.
    You can, however, move the whole thing to the SSD with a disk utility which come with the ssd, normally. After that, you just remove what you don't need. Although this would also be so-so.
    A backup of what you need and a clean install is always the best option. 
    Edit: What Pixel5 said.
    and sorry for snark.