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  1. Streaming , gaming, Vr I would definitely go with the 32 Gbs of ram
  2. Can you recommend some B560M Micro ATX boards that have the power limits unlocked?
  3. i've read on multiple reviews that having one with unlocked power allows it run at higher clocks giving a boost in performance. https://www.techspot.com/review/2232-intel-core-i5-11400f/ as in this review the board has the tdp limitations removed
  4. Hi, Im Looking to get a Micro Atx B560 MOBO for an 11400f, I can't find whether some MOBO's have locked or unlocked power limit for the cpu. If someone could suggest one that allows to up the power limit to the cpu Thanks
  5. I wasnt asking whether the cpu was right "What cpu cooler would best suit my needs?" From my original comment you would see i am asking for recommendations on cpu coolers
  6. the original question pertained to a cpu cooler
  7. Clearly u havent read the thread, All the 5000 series chips are double in price rn due to scalping. The intel i5 11400f or non f cpu and mb together will cost me less than a 5xxx series chips
  8. y is the jump from 2600 to 11400f not worth it?
  9. the 3700x is around 400~ CAD where as the 11400f is 209.99 and slightly worse than the 5600x
  10. the 10700k is double the price from i5 i would. be better of upgrading bios and getting a 5600x
  11. this does not help me as i am looking for better performance now
  12. Cpu - Ryzen 5 2600-Stock Cooler MoBo - B450M- HDV Ram- Ripjaws V 2x8gb @ 3200 Psu- ThermalTake 600w Gpu - Gtx 1660 super 6gb Storage 250gb wb m.2 ssd 1tb hdd seagate barracuda
  13. the 209.99$ price tag on the 11400f or 239.99 on the 11400 look alot more attractive
  14. The 5600x is almost double in price