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  1. Interesting. I know I'd definitely appreciate the extra cores whenever I need to edit and I'll definitely appreciate the higher overclock as well.
  2. Sadly looking at the listing it seems to be out of stock right now. I'll need to do more research but if it comes back in stock I'll definitely keep it in mind. Thank you for your input!
  3. Any opinions on a choice between an Intel i7-10700k vs an i5-11600k? In case it helps, I've put some additional information below. The i5 is $10 dollars cheaper than the i7, with the prices being $259.99 and $269.99 USD respectively, but both are within my budget. I would be pairing it with a ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 3070. I plan on mostly using it for gaming with fairly moderate performance based tasks occasionally. I haven't bought a motherboard yet so no constraints there. I plan on overclocking so if one is easier or better for overclocking I would appreciate an