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  1. Do you know any good budget mouses?
  2. Thanks! Any other suggestions!
  3. I was looking for a good budget keyboard and mouse for around 40 dollars and I found the Redragon S113 which seems to have a decent keyboard but I am not sure about the mouse so I was wondering if anybody has any reviews or any suggestions for it.
  4. I have an ASUS tuf motherboard along with 2 ARGB MSI fans . Can I use those fans with Aura sync or can I have both Aura sync and mystic lights for the fans and the rest of the system.
  5. I have 2 ARGB fans in the front in the MSI 100r forge and the pins are connected to a rgb hub.
  6. Thanks soo much! Do you have any idea what the 3 pin fan header wire is I am really stumped on that.
  7. I have this cable that is plugged into the fans in the rgb hub and I do not know where they go. I also do not know where these named cables go.
  8. I am planning to get a 1650 super and a 11400 does it support it?
  9. WOW! that was alot of replies in like 10 min I think I will get a clicky switch as I do not type very hardly and I like the feedback and clicky feeling (I have used one before). Thanks!
  10. I am planning to get razer green switches and I enjoy the clicky sound but does it get annoying after like 6 months.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if you ever needed a wrist rest for the huntsman tkl.
  12. Would you say the per key lighting is nice to have or do you never use it.