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  1. Thanks for your reply! But I am pretty sure Windows "Your Smartphone" uses Bluetooth to connect between the phone and the PC. It's taking the calls like a car ... only the other functions like photos and messages are over the network but I would want to use the call function as well (I think this is the most useful application of the programm)
  2. Hello Forum! I have now for some time a problem with my bluetooth on my computer and I just do not know what to do, so I write here because I think here are most experts. PC: ASUS Rog Strix B55F Gaming (Wifi) Ryzen 3600x RTX 2070 Crucial P1 1Tb m.2 Windows 10 (newest updates, but even with older versions the problem was already present) Problem: I want to connect my PC with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S20), but it does not work. When I press connect, the message "pair device" appears on the PC, but it does not go further. The phone and the PC